Business-ready solution to augment cloud systems with blockchain capabilities

Cost-effective technology

Increased data security

Massive scalability

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Implementation Challenges

Blockchain is a fascinating and complex technology that has shown huge potential over the years to transform businesses into more reliable, trusted and efficient ones. Companies that added it reported big improvements in terms of operational speed, security and costs. However, the time and investment required to build the necessary infrastructure distracts from the targeted business problem to be solved, decelerating the digital transformation process and frustrating every effort made in that direction.

Blockchain as a Service


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Build a decentralized application requires a talented team and development time, increasing kick-off costs. BaaS reduces this pain by providing necessary the building blocks to start right away testing based on business needs not technical ones.

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Increase security

Sharing data with non trusted third parties requires time consuming and complex security protocols. The inherited cryptographic characteristics of the blockchain allows to fill this gap.

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Massive scalability

Expand a solution to a global scale, beyond the pilot phase, is a priority to be successful when comes to digital innovation. Blockchain is ready for a worldwide scale usage, facilitating solid and functional pillars to move forward into production level.


Focus on the business. We take care of the technology

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Dockerized module with crypto functions and key custodial to sign and broadcast to the blockchain any data payload, ready to be installed in your servers. Along with our blockchain reading APIs, the module allows to drastically reduce the complexities of development in terms of  architecture and data structure. In a short time you will be able to incorporate into your applications and legacy systems blockchain features, concentrating your efforts more on the business value and less on the technicalities.

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