Towards a secure Information Ecosystem

In the Era of Information we are surrounded by data that drives our everyday move: from geolocation, to weather, we based our decisions on digital information. The same is true for businesses who rely on different indicators to drive their actions, some of which can costs millions if wrongly taken. This raises the importance of data trust: knowing from what source and when the information has been created, allowing to have a robust and reliable digital infrastructure that drives businesses safely and secure.

Who can benefit

IoT Providers
Network System Providers


Distributed network security

The total installed base of Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices worldwide is projected to amount to 30.9 billion units by 2025. This devices will communicate one to another and data will travel across networks and companies providing real-time visibility. Despite the efforts, cyber-attacks are becoming more common and this will not be different for the IoT infrastructure, where devices lack of a unique identity to be recognized in the cyberspace. By combining cryptography with blockchain features, we can secure IoT devices at hardware level protecting information from its physical origin.

Information integrity

The FBI reports that since the start of the coronavirus, cyberattacks have increased by 300%. This is due to a wrong company digitalization process that has led to a weak digital infrastructure. Despite the cybersecurity efforts to protect network and communication channels, businesses have left unprotected the most valuable unit of information: data. Blockchain technology helps to protect data points, knowing when (timestamp) and by who/what (decentralized identity) were created, enabling a secure information ecosystem that drives everyday operations with total trust and reliability. Protecting the network is important – protecting data is crucial.


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