Towards a reliable and secure agrifood sector

The agri-food sector is one of the fundamental pillars of our society and ensuring its correct operation to supply the population is of vital importance. Any disruption in it can have not only economic consequences but also public health consequences, sometimes with serious outcomes. It is therefore a necessity to keep an exhaustive control of each step that the product goes throughout the entire supply chain. In addition, consumer behavior is becoming increasingly strict when it comes to selecting agri-food products and providing them with a tool to see beyond the label is another key component of the sales process. Blockchain technology allows complete traceability from field to table, providing accurate and reliable information, optimizing production, storage and distribution processes and reaching the consumer directly, all with maximum guarantees.

Who can benefit

Local & State Government Agencies


Food traceability and provenance

Today’s consumers are always more concerned about the food they eat, its origin and quality, being more selective with brands and paying much more attention to its origin and quality certifications. Bringing visibility and transparency about the journey taken and its production makes a difference to many consumers – being able to see beyond the label is an ever more sought after requirement, being especially important when it comes to export or fresh products. Blockchain brings a layer of transparency to the consumer, showing every step in the supply chain, from field to table.


Ensure safety and reduce waste

Consumer tastes always demand fresher, more natural and closer products. Guaranteeing integrity and quality is crucial to ensure sales. In addition, food contamination is a matter of great importance for public health and being able to trace the origin of the contamination makes the difference between detecting or not the problem in time, avoiding costly logistical operations and possible economic penalties. The combination of IoT and Blockchain provides a tool to overcome these obstacles, automating the detection of contaminants or breaks in the cold chain with maximum reliability and robustness of the information, which can be shared with different entities for better control and visibility.


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