Secure and trustful data, directly from the field

Reduce operational costs

Improve reliability

Increase data reach

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Exponential Data Growth

The electronics cost reduction and calculation power increase along with the spread of the Internet and its fast improvements in terms of speed and extension have brought us an ecosystem of devices capable of collect data non-stop, which in the last decade has grown exponentially. Thanks to that, areas like Machine learning have seen light and favored the 4.0 revolution. However, the efforts to avoid data exposure to manipulations and tampering could not keep up with that pace, decelerating the data exchange process that brings major benefits to a connected ecosystem.

IoT meets Blockchain


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Reduce Costs

The technology allows for data to be transmitted on a peer-to-peer basis without centralizing control, thus lowering business expenses. Decentralization enables a more cost-effective way to address the scale of IoT.

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Improve reliability

Due to its ability to legitimize data and ensure that it comes from a trusted source, security is one of the innate attributes of blockchain. This benefit is especially helpful because of the high number of devices within IoT. The combination of the technologies can enhance secure communications and strengthen privacy agreements.

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Increase data reach

Blockchain and IoT can improve process and data exchange efficiency by eliminating the middle man, increasing the speed of transactions. With the blockchain serving as a validator, untrusted parties can exchange data directly with one another with total transparency.

ARMILIS Trusted Hardware Line

automatically certify data coming from the field

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Create certified (immutable and attributable) position logs of your assets and vehicles. Provide total transparency to your distribution chain allowing to verify all steps of the products’ journey to your customers and partners.  The T-GPS tracking unit is the easiest way to comply with companies’ service level agreements

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Enhance your on-field hardware (sensors, readers, network devices, …) with blockchain capabilities, integrating our uC unit. With it, all records are locally signed and broadcasted to blockchain, ensuring maximum security and reliability. It can be integrated wit Armilis’ Traceability Products to have a complete immutable data chain.

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