Improve organization within your company for Maintenance, Tests and Inspection records.


Replace manual processes

Access directly from the field

Save time & money

inspector with traditional inspection and maintenance system

Traditional record keeping

Reports are often paper based and hand-written, and manual operations
are necessary to store and recover.

Acceptant tests are sometimes subject to discrepancies due to the lack of an official reference register for the parameters to be used for the tests to perform.

There’s still a lack of media records (such pictures, audio or video files) uniquely linked to the data reported.

As the paper trail gets longer, tracing them becomes more difficult, especially when inspection operations are performed continuously on a significant number of machines, instruments or components.

Industry 4.0 at hand

Record inspections and test results quick and easy.

Conduct field inspections on site using mobile devices.

Add any type of data to the records: notes, images, videos, documents and more.

Connect with your local database or cloud storage.

worker using tablet for maintenance and inspection record-keeping

How does Blockchain help to improve record keeping?


Speed up Auditing Process

Blockchain’s legal validity helps to reduce time and costs in the auditing process.


Ensure Data Integrity

Blockchain adds an extra layer of security providing data immutability and bringing to zero the risk of data manipulation.



Because public blockchain infrastructure is already in place there’s no need to build your own, so scaling to a production level requires minimum work.


eTRAIL is a platform that allows a better visibility of the data linked to a product or machinery directly from the field, in just a few clicks with total reliability and efficiency. 


For each element (product, machine,...) a unique ID is assigned containing the link to the list of maintenance, inspection or test operations that have been carried out. This ID can be a QR, the engraved serial number or an NFC label.


Scanning the QR-code allows to insert a new record event. It could be a simple text or a media file


Visualization of records can be done scanning the product ID with any mobile device.

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