Data-centric tool to improve organization, visibility and trust.

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Data Convergence

With eTRACE a product or process becomes a living thing able to link all the actors and actions of its own lifecycle to all the relevant data. Doing so, we make sure the source of information is always up-to-date and unique

  • Usability

    Simplifies the process of record-keeping and tracking

  • Efficiency

    Reduce times and errors

  • Visibility

    Transparency for consumers and producers

eTRACE in action


Flexible Technology

We create a digital trail based on a unique ID that represent a process or product. This can be a serial number, Barcode, QR code, NFC tag, DB record among others.

Better Organization

Accessing and adding data to the ID is as easy as scanning the unique product identifier or directly from the web app. This allows to improve production workflow aligning all information across departments involved.

Enhanced Visibility

We can extend this record-trail outside the company, adding distribution records at any logistic unit level (pallet, box, sales unit) and sales records allowing to link a product to its original Purchase Order, check the path travelled and timestamp its purchase.

Fast Scalability

This method can be expanded quickly and at low cost across the entire organization thanks to the blockchain.

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Simple and Secure

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Quick Setup

Does not required additional infrastructure on-site, reducing pilot cost and time. Available for mobile and desktop

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Seamless Integration

Easy to integrate thanks to our APIs and connectors.

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Privacy Filters

From completely public to totally private we provide different levels of data encryption

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No one has access to your signing credentials except you – not even us.

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