Armilis Data Integrity Framework: the way to create valid consistent unique timed accurate complete data

Today, data is the fundamental pillar upon which our new world is being built. Intelligent systems and IoT-enabled infrastructures will depend on this data for daily operations. Data integrity is a key element for the success of the Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0.


Data has known origin and valid format


Data is kept unchanged as it moves across networks and users


There is no duplicated data that represents the same event, entity or process step


Data has a known, unchangeable and unique timeframe


Data correctly represents the process, system or event.


Data streams have no gaps or missing information


We combine Blockchain technology and advance Cryptographic techniques and algorithms to deliver cutting-edge solutions


Trusted Connectors

Enables any software application or hardware device to create data integrity seamlessly.

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Trusted Hardware

Industrial hardware or IoT devices pre-configured with data integrity capabilities to include in your existing infrastructure or equipment

We allow the creation of

Trusted Documents

Ensure every document of your company is verifiable and its modifications traceable across all different departments and signees.

Trusted Operations

Certify, trace and verify any maintenance or inspection operations, sensing data streams or manufacturing processes.

Trusted Products

Give your products authenticity and origin evidence mark

Trusted Inputs

Provide integrity to any dataset of your systems and create reliable data-processing outputs

High value for all industries

Oil, Gas & Chemicals

Enhance reliability of all safety systems and production processes


Ensure the success of the energy transition

Infrastructure and Water

Make Smart Cities more reliable and secure

Industry and Equipment Manufacturing

Improve process output and enable new business models

Pharma & Lifesciences

Stay up to date with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards


Provide more visibility and trust through the hole distribution chain


Assure sustainability and quality of products

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Data Privacy and Ownership Guaranteed

Data is your more valuable asset. Unlike other systems, our framework allows to create data integrity without the need to see or store your data, guaranteeing maximum privacy and eliminating the need to copy or move it outside your premises and servers.

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