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All our products and solutions are based on 3 basic pillars that compose our core technology

Blockchain of Things

Data coming from IoT infrastructure serves as base for all new intelligent and automated systems, providing real-time information of the world around us. As more business processes begin to depend on this technology, protecting the source of data is of crucial importance to ensure the reliability and robustness of the infrastructure – any data manipulation or intrusion could cost millions. Blockchain of Things is the next step, combining all the blockchain security and decentralization, enabling companies to secure their most precious asset: data. Armilis is one of the first companies in the world to provide a scalable and interoperable solution in this space, incorporating Blockchain Technology in a unique sealed unit, powered by the best hardware technology

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Our core technology allows us to adapt to multiple blockchains, avoiding the lock-in tactics of most of the current implementations. Interconnectivity is one of our main goals, allowing to choose the solutions that best adapts to your company while maintaining the openness for future integrations into other ecosystems and platforms

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Following the blockchain philosophy of independency and self-management, all our solutions are “trustless”: only you are in possession of your signature identity giving you full control and responsibility of the records you write in blockchain – and because signature and blockchain records are independent from us, if we disappear, all data certified with our systems is still valid

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Privacy and

We provide you different levels of privacy filters, protecting your data at any time and sharing the information only with the stakeholders of your interest and thanks to our advanced core technology, we reconcile the high-volume transaction of the private blockchain with all the benefits of the public one.

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