Fraud-prevention system for Wines & Spirits


Reduce commercial risk

Maximize brand protection

Increase visibility and trust


Protecting your product

The wine and spirits industry did not wait for globalization to discover the charms of fake and illicit bottles. These days, however, the problem of counterfeit wine is emerging with renewed intensity for the sector. The counterfeiters really do exist, and some of their products are a potential hazard for public health. Nowadays, more and more wine & spirits producers sale online, sometimes through distributors and intermediates to them unknown, potentially creating the risk that the original products won’t reach consumer hands and will be sold on a side, illegal and non-register business. Over the years we have seen many cases of fraud in this industry with great economic, reputation and health impact.


The best and simplest solution for brand protection

Armilis solution WeLock enables companies to take advantage of the latest technologies improving business profit and customer satisfaction. A ready-to-deploy system to prevent counterfeit in wines & spirits.


Reduce commercial risk

Sealing every bottle with an infalsifiable method eliminates the risk of product manipulation and substitution avoiding the consequent economic loss.


Maximize brand protection

Protecting your brand and ensuring your products will be outside gray markets, reaching customer hands with total transparency and reliability.

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Increase visibility and trust

Customers can verify the authenticity of the wine and get insights on the brand they like, increasing loyalty towards it and satisfaction.


RFID powered by Blockchain

Armilis WeLock solution is based on RFID technology powered by Blockchain. The RFID tag inside the capsule contains a unique digital signature which can only be inserted by the original producer. This signature is included in Blockchain to make it immutable and impossible to falsify, duplicate or replace. When a bottle is opened the RFID will change state, reflecting this action. In this way, consumers can fully trust the wine bottle has not been manipulated.

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Enhance User Experience

WeLock puts at the consumer’s hands not only a method to verify product authenticity but also to have access to more information about their favourite brand. 

Producers can use WeLock to promote and extend the marketing information directly to their customers, providing a more insightful and complete experience. 

Using the NFC reader present in all modern smartphones will show the information about wine lifecycle, brand history and insights on production method.


Why it's better with Blockchain

Technology moves at a huge speed, making it difficult to stay at pace. This is no different with Blockchain, an only 10-years old technology that is disrupting every day more markets. The blockchain allows to certify any type of data in an accurate, safe and immutable way.

Best Security

Blockchain adds an extra layer of security providing data immutability and bringing to zero the risk of data manipulation. Because it's public is constantly being audited and improved.

Reduce Costs

Because public blockchain infrastructure is already in place there’s no need to build your own, so scaling to a production level requires minimum work.

Trust only yourself

Thanks to the distributed nature, public blockchains eliminate the need of trust to a third party. You own, sign and give access to the data.

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