Data Integrity for a
Smart Future

Ensure data trust for
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A Smart Future is based on data that must be trusted

A modern connected and intelligent world is based on data. Different systems will create and consume this data upon which business and operational decisions will be based. Data must be trusted and verifiable in order to enable a reliable information flow among all systems and lead to more efficient and robust decisions.


Think differently about how you see data

We empower you to reach fast and simply data integrity

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Data that meets basic quality and integrity standards inside companies

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Data processing time dedicated to verifying its authenticity and validity

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Yearly cost of poor data integrity
(IBM report)

We deliver a Data Integrity framework solution

Armilis provides an innovative data integrity framework for Smart Infrastructures that allows you to Certify, Trace, Exchange and Verify any information. You can connect to any existing application, database or hardware system, in cloud or on premise.

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