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Passion for innovation and delivering results

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Transformation through accessible technology

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Armilis provides solutions based on blockchain technology for product traceability. Our goal is to facilitate the process of technological transformation by providing intuitive tools and complete systems that are easily integrated and involve minimal investment by our customers allowing them to get through the pilot-project phase in the fastest and most efficient way, minimizing the time to obtain a positive ROI and extend it to a production level.


Armilis product tracing and authenticity solutions can be applied across different industry and sectors. Our systems are modular, flexible and scalable, capable of adapting to our customer’s requests and business volume. 


Food & Beverages






Our products can operate as standalone or integrated in third party system via API.



Wines & Spirits Brand Protection

Keep your brand outside grey-markets and have full visibility on your distribution chain while giving total transparency to consumers.

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Industrial Asset Traceability and Record-keeping

Trace of performed tests and production phases with simplicity and reachable within the working field with a full integrated, easy-to-use platform.

Public Blockchain

Blockchain allows to certify any type of data in an accurate, safe and immutable way.

Decentrilized technology

The network doesn't have any entity taking care of it. Instead a group of nodes maintain it. This helps to data integrity and security as the more nodes, the better encryption.

Cannot be corrupted

As it eliminates the need of a central authority, no one can change any characteristics or the content of the network.

Accessible to everyone

Because it's public anyone with a computer can be part of it, decreasing the integration time into the network.

What makes us different

Benefit from all public blockchain characteristics without exposing your data, seamlessly.

privacy users choose levels


From totally public to completely private our privacy configuration levels allow you to decide who can verify and visualize the data you have signed.

blockchain trustless secure system


Your files and private credentials never leave your system. No one, except you, has access to them. Not even Armilis.

transparent data visibility trust


Consumers and users can verify the origin and authenticity of data. Only a smartphone is needed