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Addressing high value to all types of industries

High value for all industries

Oil, Gas & Chemicals

Enhance reliability of all safety systems and production processes


Ensure the success of energy decentralization

Infrastructure & Water

Enable more reliable and secure smart cities

Industry & Equipment Manufacturing

Improve process output and enable new business models

Pharma & Lifesciences

Stay up to date with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards


Provide more visibility and trust throughout the distribution chain


Assure sustainability and quality of products

Data Integrity for Industries

  • Provide proof-of-event of infrastructure safety systems (fire prevention, PPE correct usage) and area’s access
  • Enable the implementation of Machine as a Service model
  • Provide proof-of-authenticity for any data collection system
  • Provide data certification for cold chains and livestock
  • Enable automatic proof-of-geolocation reports for logistics fleets
  • Ensure proof-of-authenticity for high-value goods
  • Certification of warehouse stock’s conditions
  • Creation of data integrity directly from plants and machines, certifying uptime, machine downtime, alarms, anomalies, temperatures, etc.

Data Integrity for Infrastructures

  • Provide proof-of-sustainability for building’s systems
    monitoring energy consumption, ambient conditions
    and access certification
  • Water infrastructure usage and water’s quality
    traceability and notarization
  • Patience identification and patient’s history record
  • Enable reliable and robust data exchange channels for
    critical information sharing

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