Energy Savings Certificates

Simplify regulation compliance and auditing

Verifying accurate energy savings data.

Energy efficiency certificates, representing quantifiable energy savings, are rooted in the integrity of underlying data. The primary challenge is ensuring that reported energy savings are not only accurate but also consistently measured across various initiatives and periods. Since these certificates might be traded or used for regulatory compliance, any inaccuracy or manipulation can significantly distort their value and purpose. Compromised data integrity might result in wrongful issuances, potentially undermining the market’s trust in these certificates. For regulators and participants alike, it becomes crucial to have robust verification mechanisms, ensuring that the foundation of this system – the data – remains unimpeachable.


Time saved in data collection and validation
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Improvement in data quality
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Annual turnover saved in regulatory compliance
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  • For Companies

    Ensures accurate savings representation, builds trust in energy-saving measures, and guarantees reliable trade or purchase of EECs.

  • For Auditors

    Facilitates smooth verification processes, ensures compliance with regulations, and upholds the credibility of the entire EEC system.

  • For Energy Savings Providers

    Boosts confidence in provided services, enhances marketability of surplus savings, and establishes a trustworthy reputation in the energy efficiency domain.

Trusted Flow Monitor and Trusted IoT

Trusted Flow Monitor is a cutting-edge data integrity solution for monitoring data flows and ensure the quality and security of data. With it, alarms, machine status, hitorical trails, and maintenance and inspection records can be certified, traceable and verifiable, providing an immutable proof of activity. 

Trusted IoT is a plug&play IoT system that enables any physical asset to create certified and traceable data

All this conserving privacy, ownership and security of data.

Energy Savings Certificates 1

Key Features

Simple Data Verification

Reduce time and save money in verifying data validity and signature collection

Data Integrity and Trust

The innovative data integrity solution guarantees the trustworthiness of information generated by hardware devices. By utilizing advanced encryption and blockchain technology, we ensure that the data flows you receive are tamper-proof and reliable

Seamless Integration

Our system is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, making installation and implementation hassle-free. Trusted FLow Monitor is compatible with a wide range of hardware and IoT devices, ensuring a comprehensive data integrity solution for your critical systems
Use Case

Machine Energy Savings Manufacturer

An italian company operating in the italian market since 2014, producing systems for electrical efficiency for commercial and industrial customers requires to provide proof of machine status and effective energy savings to reliably generate Energy Savings Certificates or White Certificates, with maximum confidentiality and security, but verifiable by any party involved in the process, including insurance companies. The goal is to simplify de auditing process and provide sustainability guarantees

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