Early Alert and Response Systems

Ensuring Data Authenticity, Traceability and Observability for Critical Systems.

Optimizing Emergency Response

Data integrity is paramount in early alert and response systems like fire suppression, hazardous material monitoring and disaster management. These systems require accurate, timely, and reliable data to perform at their best. The ability to respond quickly to emergencies hinges on the trustworthiness of data, including the location of an incident and the resources available. Furthermore, it supports decision-making during crises, aids in training and future preparedness, meets legal obligations, and fuels post-incident analysis. Simply put, data integrity is the lifeblood of effective emergency response systems.


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  • Regulatory Compliance and Risk Mitigation

    A system that ensures data integrity and security helps in complying with various legal and regulatory requirements related to data protection, record-keeping, etc. It reduces the risk of penalties, lawsuits, or reputational damage associated with data breaches or non-compliance. Observability aids in this process by providing a clear, auditable trail of data, its transformations, and access.

  • Improved Decision Making

    Data observability enhances understanding of the emergency system's operations and the data it uses. This can help in strategic decision-making, from determining how to respond to an ongoing incident, to planning for future emergencies based on historical data. It also aids in identifying and resolving issues in the data or the system, preventing future errors or delays.

  • Enhance Response Time and Efficiency

    With accurate, reliable, and timely data, emergency services can respond more quickly and effectively to incidents. Information like the location and nature of an incident, the resources available, and the best routes for responders can be determined and communicated more efficiently, leading to improved outcomes.

Trusted Flow Monitor

Trusted Flow Monitor is a cutting-edge data integrity solution for monitoring data flows and ensure the quality and security of data. With it, alarms, machine status, hitorical trails, and maintenance and inspection records can be certified, traceable and verifiable, providing an immutable proof of activity. All this conserving privacy, ownership and security of data.

Early Alert and Response Systems 1

Key Features

Data Observability

Trusted Flow Monitor allows to have Data Observability of all data sources from the critical system, ensuring problem detection and securing information during transport, allowing to work even over insecure networks

Data Integrity and Trust

The innovative data integrity solution guarantees the trustworthiness of information generated by hardware devices. By utilizing advanced encryption and blockchain technology, we ensure that the data and alarms you receive are tamper-proof and reliable, allowing you to make informed decisions about your facility's safety and transportation processes.

Seamless Integration

Our system is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, making installation and implementation hassle-free. Trusted FLow Monitor is compatible with a wide range of hardware and IoT devices, ensuring a comprehensive data integrity solution for your critical systems
Early Alert and Response Systems 2
Use Case

Lithium Batteries Thermal Runaway

Data integrity in early alert systems for thermal runaway in lithium batteries, especially within logistics and storage contexts, is crucial. Accurate data ensures timely warnings, safeguarding storage facilities from fires or explosions. This not only protects assets and inventory but also ensures workers' safety. Moreover, companies can avoid significant economic losses stemming from damaged goods, recall processes, or litigation. In the logistics sector, where timely delivery and product integrity are paramount, an error-free alert system can prevent disruptions, maintaining supply chain efficiency. Ultimately, data integrity in such systems upholds a firm's reputation and compliance with safety regulations.

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