Critical Infrastructure Remote Management

Ensuring Data Security and Privacy for Utilities and Critical Infrastructure

Data Integrity Over Open Networks

Ensuring data integrity over open networks presents a significant challenge due to the inherent vulnerabilities of such networks. Information transmitted across open networks is susceptible to various types of threats, including unauthorized access, data tampering, interception, and even destruction. Furthermore, the scale and distributed nature of open networks intensify these threats as maintaining control and security becomes more complex and resource-intensive. 


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  • Regulatory Compliance and Risk Mitigation

    A system that ensures data integrity and security helps in complying with various legal and regulatory requirements related to data protection, record-keeping, etc. It reduces the risk of penalties, lawsuits, or reputational damage associated with data breaches or non-compliance. Observability aids in this process by providing a clear, auditable trail of data, its transformations, and access.

  • Improved Decision Making

    Data observability enhances understanding of the emergency system's operations and the data it uses. This can help in strategic decision-making, from determining how to respond to an ongoing incident, to planning for future emergencies based on historical data. It also aids in identifying and resolving issues in the data or the system, preventing future errors or delays.

  • Enhance Response Time and Efficiency

    With accurate, reliable, and timely data, emergency services can respond more quickly and effectively to incidents. Information like the location and nature of an incident, the resources available, and the best routes for responders can be determined and communicated more efficiently, leading to improved outcomes.

Trusted Connector

The Trusted Connector is a microservice SaaS solution that comes into play as a unique tool designed to instill a robust layer of data integrity. It can be integrated into edge devices, cloud systems, or applications, acting as a connector or plugin. It is versatile enough to blend into existing infrastructures, facilitating the upgrade of legacy systems to efficiently operate within open networks. By forming a crucial link between data points, it ensures the authenticity and consistency of information throughout its lifecycle, mitigating risks of unauthorized access and data tampering. Thus, the Trusted Connector is a transformative solution, revolutionizing the management of data integrity within the realm of open networks.

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Key Features

Easy Installation

Reduce time and save money in verifying data validity and signature collection Setup is straightforward, making it suitable for any environment. Whether it's an edge device, a cloud-based system, or an application, it can easily integrate and start providing immediate value.

Zero-Trust and Zero-Knowledge

Security is paramount for the Trusted Connector. It is built on a zero-trust principle, meaning it doesn't inherently trust any requests or data without proper verification. Moreover, it operates under a zero-knowledge framework, which ensures that no unnecessary data is stored or processed, further enhancing data privacy.


Its scalability makes it a robust tool for growth, capable of handling an increase in data volume and network complexity. This feature ensures that the system can adapt and grow with your needs, maintaining data integrity in the face of evolving challenges.
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Use Case

Water Infrastructure

In the water distribution industry, the need for remote management of numerous stations is paramount. The introduction of the Trusted Connector has brought about this transformative change. It allows operators to remotely configure stations, significantly improving operational efficiency. The Trusted Connector's easy installation integrates smoothly with existing infrastructure, while its zero-trust, zero-knowledge framework ensures robust data integrity over open networks. This results in a scalable solution that fosters growth and sustainability in the water sector.

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