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Privacy and Data Ownership are our Main Priority

  • Zero-Trust

    The zero-trust model ensures no automatic trust is granted, be it inside or outside the network. This means every access request to our system is thoroughly validated, guaranteeing a heightened defense against potential cyber threats.

  • Zero-Knowledge

    Zero-knowledge protocols ensure that your data flows remain private and intact. Even the service providers can't view the content. For critical infrastructures, this means unparalleled data confidentiality, ensuring only authorized eyes see sensitive information, bolstering security and trust.

Cutting-edge Technologies


Removing single-point of failure and creating immutability of records is key to achieve a highly resilient system that can provide a reliable source of truth


Privacy, ownership and origin can be achieved through the implementation of cryptography.

Technology & Services 1

Additional Digital Services by Armilis and their Partner's Network

Technology & Services 2

System Integration

Connects diverse cloud-based systems for seamless functionality.

Technology & Services 3


Transfers data, applications, and services from on-site to cloud platforms.

Technology & Services 4

Business Intelligence

Analyzes data to inform business decisions through visualizations and reports.

Technology & Services 5

Artificial Intelligence

Builds intelligent systems simulating human decision-making processes.

with the Main Market OT/IT and Cloud Providers


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